Ozone unit

Preventing Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances

On November 26, 2020, a series of training courses on «Preventing Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances» for customs officers was launched within the framework of the second phase of the non-investment component of the HPMP stage II and «Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building» Program.

The first meeting took place in the Southern Customs House in Sisian, with the participation of  Armenak Melkonyan, Chief Customs Inspector in charge of the Montreal Protocol related issues at the State Revenue Committee, and the NOU Armenia experts.

The following topics were introduced to the participants:

  • Ozone layer issues and ozone depleting substances;
  • Ozone depletion issue;
  • Preventing illegal trade in ODS;
  • Illegal trade cases;
  • Identification of ODS and products containing ODS;
  • Basic safety requirements working with refrigerants.

The theoretical part of the training was followed by the hands-on session during which the specialists assisted by the RAC expert, had the opportunity to determine cylinder gas composition using a gas analyzer on the spot.

Within the framework of the investment component of the HPMP, it is planned to purchase gas analyzers in 2021, which will be provided to the Customs Service in order to prevent illegal trade of ODS more efficiently.

The training courses are planned to be carried out according to the following schedule:

  • November 27-Meghri customs point-department of the Southern Customs House;
  • December 1 - Northern Customs House;
  • December 2- Bagratashen Customs Checkpoint Division of Eastern Customs House Department;
  • December 3 – Gogavan-Privolnoye Customs Checkpoint Division, and Ayrum-Jiliza Customs Checkpoint Division of Eastern Customs House Department;
  • December 8 - Ararat Customs House.

70 customs officers were trained during the meetings: 21  women and 49 men.