Ozone unit

Training of RAC specialists

On March 26-27, 2022,  a training of RAC specialists was organized on the topic of “Manual Dismantling of Refrigerators and Air Conditioners” jointly with the Educational Center NGO «For Equal Rights»  within the framework of the «Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building» Project.

The training aiming at providing professionals with the skills of the due dismantling of household refrigerators and air conditioners was the second phase of the «EcՕzone: Fridge Waste Art» exhibition project launched in 2020.

22 RAC specialists from Yerevan and neighboring provinces took part in the training which resulted in the establishment of networking among the RAC community representatives. It has been agreed to form a professional hub as a next step, which will provide quality services to consumers for the proper disposal of refrigerators and air conditioners.