Ozone unit


On 13 March, 2019 a working meeting was held with the representatives of the "Refrigeration Association of Armenia" NGO in the Ministry of Nature Protection (46 Charents Str.), attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and National Center for Vocational Education and Training Development (NCVETD), vocational and higher education professionals, representatives of the working group dealing with the standards set up by the Minister of Education and Science in December 2018 and the Ozone Project Experts. The meeting was organized under the HCFC Phase-out project (Phase II).

The agenda offered two issues for discussion: 
1. Development of educational standards of "Refrigeration Facilities" specialty, and 
2. update on the Regional Training Center establishment and nomination of the candidates as trainers.
At the end of the meeting, the participants noted that the development of new standards and possible synthesis of two existing specialties (“Refrigeration Facilities” and “Installation and Comissioning of Internal Heating and Ventilation Systems, and Sanitary Technical Equipment”) are the most efficient approach, taking into account trends both in global and in-field sectors, as well as the need to expand their professional capacities. At the same time the attendees expressed their confidence and welcomed A. Mkrtchyan's and A. Astsatryan's nominations as trainers at the Regional Training Center.